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ADVERTISE & spread your brand


An ad in the newspaper costs $35 per column inch for black and white per day. An ad in full color on our billboards is $25/month


Your ad appears on a full color indoor digital billboard a whole month for as little as $25. That would cost $450* for a newspaper ad for one week with discounts.


You can advertise in one location for one month or multiple locations for multiple months.


If you choose the $99 ad, every month we move your ad to a new location. Every time we move your ad, it gets updated on our facebook page to the top of the list.

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beautify your market presence

We are Why Not Advertise Community Billboards, but we are so much more than that. We specialize in customer service for your branding and advertising needs. We offer multiple locations that you can host your billboard ad. We are in community restaurants such as Fox’s Pizza Den. We are also in a Taxi Cab local to Columbia, MS. Do you need business cards? Well, we are the right place. If you advertise with us, we special promotions on certain printed products: Business cards, Brochures, Banners, and web design. If we don’t do it, we can help you find someone that can. We are excited about our new line of business cards, 15pt. Silk Laminated Slim Cards with Spot UV Coating. Ask us about them. We offer Graphic Design Services and we can even help with your billboard ad.

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the best form of advertisement

When people see your name on a billboard, they associate your name with Coke and Pepsi. Cellular South and all the major hotels use billboards. Billboards are prime real estate that are stretigically located in places where the viewers, drivers, have to see it. It’s just so expensive.

I have been in the sign and graphic industry for ten years now and i know what it costs to advertise on billboards. Before you ever get your name up on a billboard, it cost about $700 to get the vinyl printed. Then you have to pay about $250 to have it in stalled. Then depending on the location, it could cost anywhere from $250-600. So your first month of advertising could cost close to $2000.

Then was invented the Digital Billboards. Now there is no setup fee, but it still costs about $1000 per month to advertise with about 8 other advertisers simultaneously.

Here’s where we come in. We take this same concept of Digital Technology, shrink it down to something way more manageable and we have developed indoor digital billboards. These Billboards are inside of locations where customers are captivated. The average custumer spends 5-10 minutes in a Convience Store and about an hour in a local restaurant. This give the viewers plenty of time to see your ad.

With this innovative technology, you can be as creative as you want. You can advertise on one billboard for one month, or multiple locations for multiple months. It’s also inexpensive. You can advertise for $25 per month. That’s less than a lunch for two these days.

Advertising on a billboard give you a sence of identity. You get your name in front of the public more frequently. People will never know you exist unless they see your name in the public. When people see that your ad appears on a billboard, they know that you are serious about your business enough to recruit more business. A business that stops advertising may give the impression that the business no longer exists.

Advertising is an investment. It takes money to make money. Advertising doesn’t cost, it pays. Think about it, what is the cost of loosing one potential customer? For a hotel, it may be $140 for a two night stay. For an air conditioning installer, it could be $1,000’s.

They would have used your services, if they only knew who you were.

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