50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

A huge advantage that Tumblr holds, is the ability to get free hosting. If you stop and think about it, there is no point whatsoever to pay for monthly hosting. Instead you can sign up for Tumblr, purchase a beautiful theme that fits you needs, and publish whatever you please. These kinds of perks are very useful to designers that want to showcase their portfolios. There are many great resources like Cargo Collective that provide mutual benefits, and will host your personal portfolio. However the downside is that you are stuck with a monthly service fee. If you do not pay the fee, or miss a payment say bye bye to your portfolio.

Tumblr is not just a great portfolio resource, but also provides an incredible active community. People can re-blog, love, and comment( with Disqus comments installed) on your work. This allows you to gain exposure and make some new friend in the process. A huge perk of the theme listed below is that they don’t cost hundreds of dollars. The themes are affordable, just like a pair of jeans. If you think otherwise, just go ask a professional web designer for a quote and compare the two.

Today we have an enormous collection of stunning Tumblr themes. Every single listing has a price stated, included download link, and demo link. We wanted to make this as simple as possible. Each theme has it’s own description provided by the publishers. Browse through the collection and see what appeals to your eye. These themes are great for the people who are not that tech savy. Don’t waste your time and try to find a better alternative on a theme. Instead purchase a premium theme that is well though out, has great features, and provides support when needed.


How do I install my theme?

When you purchase a theme you will be able to install the theme in the “Customize menu” with one simple click. Please take note that when you purchase a theme, it can only be used on your current account. You cannot log into your other Tumblr account and copy and paste the html code.

What forms of payment can you purchase the theme with?

Tumblr will accept all major credit cards, and also PayPal.

Where can I get support for my theme?

Every single theme provides support from the creator/publisher.

Can I customize my theme?

If you know HTML & CSS, yes! If you do not know how to code, you can only use the customization options provided with the theme. So before you purchase the them test it out, and see if it fits your needs.

1.Carbon - $49

Carbon 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Designed by Mark Jardine and inspired by industrial design, Carbon is a personal theme that combines web 2.0 simplicity with a conveyor belt style post slider. The best part? It’s all ready to go with social media links and Disqus support.

Download |  Demo

2. Photofolio - $49

Photofolio 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Photofolio emphasizes the nuances of your work by providing a dark, finely detailed frame for your photographs. Provide visitors with information about you and the services you provide while inspiring them with your personal gallery.

Download |  Demo

3. Polaroid – $12

Polaroid 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

The Polaroid Tumblr theme is a premium tumblr theme that was designed by Pixel Floss to display your work, your views, and your life in a clean and clear format. The theme has been designed so it is easily changed and adapted to how you want it, from the colour of the links, the background and the amazing features in the side bar, you control everything.

Download | Demo

4. Cleanfolio – $16

Cleanfolio 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Cleanfolio was designed to be as clean as possible in order to let your work take the stage. It is suitable for all kind of creative portfolios as well as for small businesses. It has a lot of Themeoptions in order to be as flexible as possible. For example, you can turn on/off the following sections/parts from the admin menu:

  • The Contactinformations
  • The Slider
  • The Punchline
  • The Customsection
  • The Twitterfeed

Download |  Demo

5. Transcender – $49

transcender 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Transcender is a futuristic yet simple three column premium theme from Style Hatch. Choose either the light or dark style and customize your colors, background and 60+ appearance options—see all the customization options.

Download |  Demo

6. Simplefolio – $49

simplefolio 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Your work speaks for itself, so let it take center stage. Each project has a discrete, dedicated page that provides further details on the project and how you were involved. Simplefolio lets you showcase your best projects.

Download |  Demo

7. Contrast – $49

contrast 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Contrast brings both personal customization options and stunning visuals together in to one great premium Tumblr theme. With the ability to add your own accent color and choose between light and dark palettes, you’re sure to find a stunning color combination you’ll love.

Download |  Demo

8. Black-Sakura – $15

black sakura 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Sakura t. is a clean and trendy-looking theme with number of cool features:

  • 2 customizable color schemes (day and night)
  • pack of ready-made backgrounds to personalize look of your Tumblr blog
  • Twitter widget
  • Flickr widget
  • filter-by-post-type widget
  • social links widget
  • Cufon fonts for headers and navigation
  • smart jump pagination
  • Show/hide options for sidebar widgets (search, description, people I follow, etc.)

Download |  Demo

9. Slider – $19

slider 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Shake things up a bit with Slider’s side-scrolling layout and special jQuery effects. Slider is a bold and sassy theme, featuring strong typography and eye-catching color. The theme includes a v-card and search box, which are both incorporated into the sidebar.

Download |  Demo

10.  All Down the Line – $10

All Down the Line 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

All Down the Line is designed for those people you want a Mini vCard Site and use Tumblr as plataform. Currently it only supports Photo-post and Photosets, you don’t have to touch the code, the Theme is configurable through a robust Control Panel.


  • Create a Mini-Portfolio (Photo-post).
  • Custom Slider to display your featured work or pictures of yourself.
  • Choose between 33 diferents Social Networks.
  • Use the “Ask me Box” as a contact form.
  • Control The Navigation/Transitions: fade, horinzontal or vertical.
  • 3 differents color schemes to choose: Brown, Blue and Green.
  • 6 differents pixel patterns to choose.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Facybox integration.
  • Better handling for the Tumblr API

Download |  Demo

11. Playground – $10

playground 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Welcome to “The Playground”, a highly customizable Tumblr theme based on the famous jQuery masonry plugin.

  • 1 minute installation (instructions are included in the detailed theme documentation)
  • all 8 post types are supported (Photo, Photo sets, Video, Audio, Text, Quote, Link, Chat)
  • upload your own logo
  • upload your own background image, which will automatically stretch over the full screen (the texture used on the preview website is included in this theme package)
  • all font and background colors can be changed via the Appearance tab in Tumblr
  • main font can be changed (default: Arial, Helvetica)
  • layout based on the masonry jQuery plugin, which results in a gap-less layout despite different post sizes
  • Cufon font replacement for headers – a slab-serif font called Acknowledgement
  • CSS3 box shadows (only visible in modern browser and degrade gracefully in older versions)
  • a rotating flickr widget by Roy Tanck
  • twitter integration (showing your last 5 tweets)
  • Disqus comment integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • choose to switch on/off widgets for your Likes and people you follow
  • choose between a center website (default) or left-aligned
  • add your own “Custom CSS ” or change the existing CSS file, which is included in this download
  • all supporting files (javascript, css, images ect.) are either hosted as static files or linked to their original sources like github and google

Download |  Demo

12. Cherry – $11

cherry 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

Cherry is a cute theme that perfectly suits for Personal Tumblogs.


  • Logo font:Giddyup/FineLinerScript
  • Other Fonts : Fineliner Script
  • Sliced PSDs
  • All widgets can be configured via the Apperanace tab
  • Supported Post types

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Chat
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Download |  Demo

    13. Litefolio – $20

    litefolio 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators. The theme comes with 30+ theme options for easy customization. Besides the usual Tumblr options for switching theme colors and fonts, there are lots of additional possibilities – you can upload your own logo or background image, write your own intro text, upload images for the slider, and many more…


    • Nivo Slider
    • Lean and semantic HTML 5 markup
    • CSS3 -enhanced
    • Custom typography – typefaces: Droid Serif & League Gothic
    • Stylish Twitter feed
    • Easily customizable
    • Quick Start guide

    Download |  Demo

    14. Gallera – $15

    gallera 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    “Gallera” is a clean and elegant gallery theme with subtle grunge background texture and custom typography. It’s best suited for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase their work in the best possible way, but can be used as a web gallery or any other site where images take central part.


    • A Tumblelog that looks and functions as a gallery – now you don’t need to pay for hosting, install a CMS and deal with technical issues.
    • Superb image handling – just upload your file and don’t worry about resizing, compression and stuff, Tumblr and “Gallera” take care of everything.
    • Custom Typography – typefaces: Vollkorn & Tangerine
    • Subtle textured background.
    • Categories, available through the top menu.
    • Supports Photo and Text posts.
    • Customizable Intro text.
    • Disqus Comments.
    • Twitter Feed.
    • Google Analytics.
    • Semantic HTML 5 markup and CSS3 enhancements for modern browsers.
    • Unobtrusive jQuery – your content is accessible even if JavaScript is turned off.
    • PSD file included.
    • 1 Minute Install.
    • Detailed documentation, including a Quick Start guide that will get you up and running with your own customized “Gallera” in less than 10 minutes.

    Download |  Demo

    15. Boxxed – $10

    Boxxed 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Boxxed is a clean, bright tumblr theme with transparency.


    • Twitter sidebar
    • FlickR sidebar
    • Transparent Background mean you can easily change the color!
    • Easy to install & modify
    • Supports all post types

    Download |  Demo

    16. Time Goes Back – $20

    Time Goes Back 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    TGB is a clean and functional Tumblr portfolio you will love this theme.

    Download |  Demo

    17. Marigold & Patchwork – $20

    Marigold Patchwork 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Marigold & Patchwork is a Tumblr theme inspired by the colors, style and texture of products from famous brands like Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. This theme comes with support for Twitter, Disqus, Flickr, Google Analytics and much more!

    Download |  Demo

    18. Vintage Sky – $20

    vintage sky 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Vintage sky theme supports all the Tumblr features and has two content rich sidebar, featuring your likes, latest tweets, description, search box, pages, avatar box and people your following.

    Download |  Demo

    19. Forma – $20

    forma 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Forma offers a new concept and style to all Tumblr users. It gets rid of the regular post icons, of the typical blog design and focuses on real content, present in a refined design.The user experience is the most notable feature of Forma. At the same time, it takes care of the author comfort with its awesome theme options.

    • Supports all 7 post types
    • Pixel-perfect design
    • Incredibly easy to install and setup
    • Change background color, links color, background image, body font, logo image in just seconds
    • Disqus comments integrated
    • Twitter feed
    • Flickr feed with lightbox
    • Extensive options
    • Left sidebar with 1 click
    • Google Analytics integrated
    • 2 Advertising slots
    • Supports Likes, Following, Submit post, Ask
    • Detailed documentation and screencasts
    • 2 Backgrounds
    • Compact js and css files, css sprites used
    • PSD files included

    Download |  Demo

    20. Stratocaster – $20

    stratocaster 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Stratocaster is a simple and clean theme but very flexible and with a little bit of jQuery awesomeness.


    • 1 Minute install (copy & paste)
    • 7 type of posts (Text, Quote, Links, Images, Chat, Audio, Video)
    • 3 Layout variation (Header fixed, Siebar in the right and default)
    • Blue Color variation
    • jQuery Fade Hover
    • Lazyload for better perfomance
    • 3 Screencasts
    • Javascript files minified
    • Highly commented
    • Compliant with all modern browsers

    Download |  Demo

    21. Cream – $20

    Cream 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Cream is a clean and simple Tumblr theme using subtle textures and colors for a light and playful feel. Main colors are creamy tones of beige and tan, accented with pinks for links and accent items. The sidebar is easily customizable and you can easily add in flickr or custom content as each block is set up as a list item of an unordered list.

    Download |  Demo

    22. Crisps – $20

    crisps 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Crisp is a clean, minimal and easily customisable theme for Tumblr.


    Using the color picker, the following can be customised:

    • Title Description color
    • The Nav Bar Gradient / Border & Shadow color
    • The Nav Bar Link Colors / Hover Colors
    • Search input box background color & shadow color
    • Post meta text color
    • Post type background colors (eg. All Text Posts Set to black)
    • Even & Odd Chat highlight colors
    • Sidebar background color
    Nav Bar is now 100% CSS and the gradient can be adjusted to any color you like.
    Changes to the Theme can now be made using the Tumblr appearance tool.

    Download |  Demo

    23. 5 In 1 Tumblr Theme – $10

    5 In 1 Tumblr Theme 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    This is a highly detailed and colourful Tumblr Theme that will have you standing out from the rest. It has easy integration of Twitter in the sidebar if needed. Each post has it’s own unique header to make your posts stand out from each other. This theme consists of 5 different colour variations, blue, green, red, orange and purple, of the same theme for Tumblr. It is easy to follow and comes complete with easy to follow instructions. In the live preview you can switch between theme colours to see which one suits you best.

    Download |  Demo

    24. Tumbl News – $20

    tumbl news 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Install with ease… just copy and paste! This theme will allow you to change theme colors easily, customize to add logo, and background image. The sidebar sections for Tumblr “Likes”, Twitter, Flickr and Banner advertisements are included!

    Download |  Demo

    25. Nuance – $20

    Nuance 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Nuance is a clean, minimal, customizable and unique tumblr theme.

    • An unique and clean home display format
    • Block styling related to their post date
    • Custom Colors
    • Well documented
    • Progressive Enhancement (Works fine without Javascript enable)
    • And much more!

    Download |  Demo

    26. Leica – $49

    leica 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Leica is a minimal portfolio theme for photographers, illustrators and designers. Named after the famed camera company, Leica is designed with the same quality and care that one typically expects from Leica cameras.

    Download |  Demo

    27. Solaris – $9

    solaris 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    The Solaris theme has a built-in reversed mode, which you can partially activate here (sorry, this preview link might not work in all browsers but the Dark mode works in all once the theme is installed). This setting is configured in the Appearance menu once the theme has been installed, along with icon colour and size, and a few other custom options, including Twitter integration and tag display.

    Download |  Demo

    28. Sonic – $49

    sonic 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Sonic is the ideal home for your band on the web. Keep your fans in the loop with pictures and videos from your most recent events. Cultivate your fan base by releasing new tracks and connecting with them through Twitter and Facebook.

    Download |  Demo

    29. Mag Theme -$19

    magtheme 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    A theme by Jarred Bishop that attempts to replicate qualities of a printed magazine in atumblelog format.

    Download |  Demo

    30. Vogue – $49

    vogue 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Vogue is a Tumblr theme specifically designed for photographers and those in the fashion industry.

    Download |  Demo

    31. Backburner – $19

    backburner 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Backburner is a highly customizable and feature rich premium Tumblr. With a fresh install of Backburner you’ll have access to three custom styles, 40+ appearance options to customize, support for virtually every Tumblr feature, and scheduled upcoming releases (free) to cover user feedback and incorporate new features.

    Download |  Demo

    32. Slideshow – $49

    slideshow 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Perfect for both amateurs and professionals alike, Slideshow allows you to upload photos, photo sets, as well as videos. You can also customize the theme by adding your own accent color, photoblog description, Twitter account and more.

    Download |  Demo

    33. Zurich – $49

    zurich 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Zurich is a theme for people that love Helvetica and the readability that it offers. As users scroll the page, relevant metadata, such as notes (reblogs and likes) and post dates, are faded in and out as you roll over different posts.

    Download |  Demo

    34. Nautical – $49

    Nautical 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    A sepia respite from the shiny web. Nautical’s bespoke textures and woodcut illustrations make an excellent notebook for your journal of wandering ideas. Nautical also makes a great starting point for buccaneers and other rogues interested in exploring social media.

    Download |  Demo

    35. Notebook – $49

    notebook 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Notebook is designed for the foodie, the wayward traveller and the endless notetaker. Complete with leather binding, hand drawn fonts, support for social media, comments and pages. Perfect for the blogger with an eye for the better things in life.

    Download |  Demo

    36. Apparatus – $49

    apparatus 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Apparatus is a tumblr theme designed specifically for iPhone application developers. We’ve combined the ease of Tumblr with the enormous flexibility of being able to change just about every aspect of the appearance of this theme.

    Download |  Demo

    37. Shutterbug – $49

    shutterbug 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Shutterbug is a professional photography theme for Tumblr that has been hand-crafted to make your photos shine. With the ability to switch between a light or dark background, Shutterbug is sure to showcase your work in the best light possible.

    Download |  Demo

    38. Wooden Theme – $49

    woodentheme 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Inspired by the simplicity of hardwood and dark, frosted glass, Wooden is a theme designed to showcase your work with the elegance of a well designed home.

    Download |  Demo

    39. Blank Slate – $49

    Blank Slate 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Blank Slate is a super simple theme blurring the line between the personal and the professional. A drop-down menu allows for multiple pages and a sidebar displays your autobiographical information with links and social media.

    Download |  Demo

    40. Marber Theme – $49

    Marber theme 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Marber is a simple, minimalistic theme inspired by Romek Marber’s grid based layouts designed for Penguin in the 1960′s. Simple details like a leather border and tailor-made icon set set off the simple textured background.

    Download |  Demo

    41. Stockholm – $49

    stockholm 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Stockholm is a personal theme designed for those that love illustration, photography, and design. Stockholm emphasizes the beauty of simple typography, using subtle patterns to set off a washed out colour pallette.

    Download |  Demo

    42. Savory – $49

    Savory 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Savory is a ‘hand-stitched’ premium Tumblr theme that mixes textured details with simple and clean design elements. Read more about the several dozen customization options and 3rd-party support.

    Download |  Demo

    43. Inspire Well – $49

    inspirewell 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Inspire Well premium Tumblr theme is a flexible grid-based layout ideal for currating inspiration, sharing your creations, and documenting life.  You have complete creative freedom in customizing your site and control over the unique grid layout with small, medium and large posts. Make Inspire Well your own with 40+ options in the Appearance menu including support Disqus, Google Analytics, Clicky, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more.

    Download |  Demo

    44. MARS – $49

    mars 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    MARS premium Tumblr theme is a contemporary and modern design with extended appearance options by Style Hatch. You can select from the three layout modes, change your color scheme, integrate your Typekit account and customize the 70+ appearance options.

    Download |  Demo

    45. Antiquity – $9

    antiquity 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Antiquity is a grunge based Tumblr theme packed with incredible detail and CSS trickery that will make a huge impact on visitors to your site.

    Download |  Demo

    46. Nova- $49

    Nova 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    With nearly 50 appearance options, two layout modes—standard two column and HD-wide one column, black and white versions, and flexibility to change the theme colors as well as the background and header images, Nova is quite possibly the most customizable and flexible premium Tumblr theme.

    Download |  Demo

    47. National Park – $19

    nationalpark 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    A very  handy, simple, and stylish theme.

    Download |  Demo

    48. Prologue Theme – $9

    prologuetheme 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Rebuilt supporting the latest Tumblr features with heaps of options for easy customization.

    Download |  Demo

    49. Scaffold – $9

    scaffold 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    A minimalist theme with simple custom settings.

    Download |  Demo

    50. Fluid 2 – $49

    Fluid 2 50 Incredible Premium Tumblr Themes

    Fluid 2 is the sequel to the second most popular theme on Tumblr. Fluid 2 incorporates the same aesthetic and functionality of Fluid, but with an inexhaustible list of custom features: we’ve created a custom video player and we’ve unified it with the photo viewer.

    Download |  Demo

    We hope that this collection will provide you with useful knowledge, and the ability to choose the best theme for your needs. We would love to hear your feedback, so please don’t be shy to comment below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on Twitter+ Facebook (100% Spam Free!) If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to help us spread the word by sharing this article with your peers!

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