A Hardcopy Clients From Hell

Do you ever find the internet a strange and frightening place? Have you begun to suspect the sexy singles in your area may not be as sincere as they seem? We’ve been quietly figuring out how to distill the entire Clients From Hell experience in an offline and portable format, easily digestible by anyone with a sense of humour and a second grade reading level. After putting the site’s profits into this problem, someone pointed out a book does all of these things. And that we already have a book.

No citrus parties, no awkward girl to cup ratios, and no wasted bandwidth! When everyone reaches for their smart phone at your next social event, pull out the Clients From Hell book for a retro-twist on not paying attention to those around you.

BookMD from New York describes it as “laugh-out-loud funny, in a horrible kind of a way.”

Jpsthree’s says “I leave it on my desk.”

TerryH describes how it shifted his perspective on life when it “[m]akes you realize there are alot of people out there who are, well…OUT THERE…know what I mean? HA!”

HA! See why the Clients From Hell book has 4.5 stars on Amazon. For your paper-haters, there’s a Kindle version too. 

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