Best Competitive Eating Videos

What can be more American than the good, old sport of cramming as much food down your gullet as you can in a limited time? We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we found for you some of the best competitive eating videos online. Watch out for the dreaded ‘reversal,’ which is the technical term for puking, in this unusual sport. Enjoy!



Kobayashi vs. The Giant Bear

Kobayashi is one of the top professional eaters in the world. In this video, he is going up against a grizzly bear. The bear is able to obviously eat more than a man, but he is slowed down because he does not realize it is a competition of course. In the end though, the bear proves to be to much for man.

Hot Dog Eating Contest 2007

This video features the legendary Kobiyashi again, but he is defeated by Joey Chestnut. I liked how Chestnut pressed his stomach down so that he can fit more hot dogs. Chestnut wins by eating 66 hot dogs, including buns.

Waffle Eating

This is a video of a top eater, Pat Bertoletti, as he gets ready for a waffle eating contest. He is trying to break the record of 23 that is hold by Joey Chestnut.

 Stockton Asparagus Festival Eating Contest 2008

This eating contest features Joey Chestnut, who ends up winning it all after eating more than 5 pounds of asparagus. I like how they talk about the ‘reversal buckets’ that are behind each competitor. I wonder what the urine of each competitor smelled like after this? Yuck!

 Thanksgiving Day Pie Eating Contest

This is a great video of the best competitive eaters in the country seeing who can eat the most pumpkin pies in just six minutes. The winner reveals his secrets: drinking coffee as he goes, and eating from the outside in. The crust is the hardest part to eat, so you want to get rid of that part first.



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