British Gardening Magazine Unveils Scratch-and-Sniff Issue

It's no secret that the magazine business stinks these days. Cue British glossy Gardners' World, which just published a scratch-and-sniff issue, the latest example of print media grasping for ways to capture readers' attention. Along with a lavender-scented cover, the new Gardners' World boasts an insert card with three additional aromas: tomato leaf, violet and a "mystery scent" for readers to figure out. It's compost, right? I bet it's compost. Cheeky old sods! Anyway, major kudos to Gardeners' World—its plan profoundly reeks! Um, of innovation. In related news, Adweek will publish an issue on Monday that smells exactly like a magazine. Every page! As for scratch-and-sniff porno mags, I'm not even gonna touch that.

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