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The AppStorm team are doing a great job. Each month there just seems to be more and better content. Here is a long list of 30 free applications and web services they have covered in the last month. Thanks guys!


Firefox 4: Welcome Improvements & Helpful New FeaturesFirefox 4: Welcome Improvements & Helpful New Features

In the Mac browser wars, there are many contenders for the crown. But the big three are Chrome, Safari and Firefox. On my desktop, I found myself using Safari and Chrome more often than Firefox because Chrome looks better and I could ditch Flash on Safari easily.

But more importantly, Firefox was slow to load and didn’t offer anything better for me than Chrome or Safari, so why use it?

Now there’s a reason: Firefox 4 is out and it’s packed with new features that make it worth the download. So what are these fancy new bits that kick Firefox up a notch? Let’s take a look after the break.

Fresh Feed: A Simple Menu Bar RSS ReaderFresh Feed: A Simple Menu Bar RSS Reader

Keeping up with an RSS reader can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of feeds that you read. Sometimes it feels like RSS readers are more of a burden than they are helpful. There are many reader apps that know this, and try to take a minimalist, relaxed stance – but few accomplish it.

Today we are reviewing perhaps the simplest reader we’ve ever seen. It’s called Fresh Feed and it has a very interesting take on reader apps. Is it for you?

9 Unique and Useful Ways to Use Evernote9 Unique and Useful Ways to Use Evernote

Evernote is one of my favorite apps. It’s simple, useful, and the take it has on “notebook” apps is pretty unrivalled by any other piece of software.

Recently it caught my attention that everyone who uses the app often does so for a complete different reason. I know I have my own very specific use cases, and today I’d like to offer them as suggestions for our fellow Evernote-loving readers. And so, without further ado, here are some of the most useful functions I’ve found for Evernote!


Quick Look: TidyListsQuick Look: TidyLists

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TidyLists. The developer describes TidyLists as a web application that allows you to manage all of your to do lists in one simple location. With TidyLists, there’s no learning curve involved. You’ll be able to use TidyLists right away without having to spend any time learning how to use it.

Quick Look: Daily ChallengeQuick Look: Daily Challenge

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Daily Challenge. The developer describes Daily Challenge as an app that helps members live healthier, happier lives by taking one small action every day. It promotes personal well-being by creating a social network among its users, and uses gaming mechanics to encourage and reward members who complete challenges and share their experiences with others. Daily Challenge uses social science research to promote health and lasting change!

Appointments Made Easy in a Snap OnlineAppointments Made Easy in a Snap Online

Running a business requires a lot of skills. If your business is in the service vertical, the margins might be higher but certain special skills are required to ensure the smooth running of the business. A lot of human touch is involved in the services industry both on the customer and employee fronts. Failure to handle and balance both of them means lost opportunities and bad word of mouth.

Appointments help the employees from burning out and the customers from waiting in a line. With SnapAppointments, customers can schedule their own appointments online 24/7 in just seconds.

CronSync: Awesome Invoicing and Time ManagementCronSync: Awesome Invoicing and Time Management

Anyone who is self-employed or works a job that involves dealing with numerous clients and projects will tell you that one of the most annoying parts of the job is the administration. Planning, keeping track of your work, invoicing and analysing the project can be a pain in the neck. Of course this serves to distract us from the important work; actually getting the job done and satisfying the client.

Improve Your Browsing Experience with ALOTImprove Your Browsing Experience with ALOT

In this cross platform, web app driven, fully integrated world, we are always looking for ways to get our information faster, get notified quicker, get up-to-the-second updates, and do more without having to bounce around to different websites. It’s why we use RSS, it’s why we use Twitter, and it’s why we have a ton of apps on our phones and a bunch of widgets on our desktops. In my search for better integration, I overlooked a fairly simple solution for accessing my web apps- the browser. Yes, I still go to or to get my updates, but I never thought of looking to the browser for a tool that integrates my webapps together.

ALOT offers exactly that- a simple, browser driven solution for easily checking your favorite web apps and bringing information to you.

20 Great New Firefox Extensions20 Great New Firefox Extensions

There’s no question that one of the premier features of the Firefox web browser is extensions. Since Firefox’s inception they’ve been a part of what differentiated it. And even now, when every major browser on the market offers some kind of plugin architecture, the depth and quality of Firefox’s add-on catalog still reigns supreme.

The best part of Firefox’s add-on community is its continued dedication to creating new and exciting things. We’ve rounded up 20 Firefox extensions you may not have heard of before. Perhaps a couple of perennial favorites made our list too, but for the most part we’ve culled together some of the latest and greatest that the add-on community has to offer.

Evernote Web: Finally a First-Class Evernote CitizenEvernote Web: Finally a First-Class Evernote Citizen

There’s millions of things each of us need to keep up with, but usually we actually only end up keeping up with the very most important things we’re supposed to remember. Sure, we usually remember the most important phone numbers, passwords, and ID numbers, but beyond that, it can be very difficult to remember everything.

Evernote bills itself as a digital extension for your brain. You can store all of your notes, images, and more in it, then quickly search and find anything you need. You’ll never have to forget anything, ever again. While Evernote is widely popular on smartphones, it has recently been updated with a beautiful web app that makes your important info accessible from anywhere. Keep reading to see the great features that have been added to one of the world’s most popular note apps.


Vimeo: Browse, Shoot & Edit in the Palm of Your HandVimeo: Browse, Shoot & Edit in the Palm of Your Hand

Recording and publishing video has become incredibly easy in the last couple of years. Services like YouTube and Vimeo provide great places to share our professional and amateur videos alike. High definition video capture is built into many smartphones (iPhone 4 included) so we have a high quality camera with us all the time ready to capture whenever the moment calls.

Vimeo is a fantastic platform for sharing video and they have recently released an accompanying iPhone application. The app aims to be a full companion to the website while offering some services which utilize the hardware of the iPhone itself. It seems like a perfect place for Vimeo to be, but does their app do everything we hope it does? Let’s find out.

Quick Look: CartoonaticQuick Look: Cartoonatic

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Cartoonatic. The developer describes Cartoonatic as a Free app, which lets users record videos with cartoon and sketch effects. Plus users can add music and customize video speed. There are 9 cartoon filters and a number of soundtracks. Plus you can add music from iPod. Cartoonatic is a fun and simple tool to create awesome music videos.

Viddy: Shoot, Beautify and Share Your VideosViddy: Shoot, Beautify and Share Your Videos

Creating video high quality video is getting easier and easier all the time. Especially with that fancy new iPhone you’ve got. You’re taking video snippets all the time, but what do you do with them? It’d be great if you could add a little “cool” to them and share with your friends wouldn’t it?

Quick Look: DrinkOwlQuick Look: DrinkOwl

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting DrinkOwl. The developer describes DrinkOwl as the most comprehensive drink special and alcohol retail locator application in North America! With coverage in 70 North American cities (check out Manhattan!) and tens of thousands of specials, DrinkOwl makes sure that you have a good time, for less! DrinkOwl also has the location and hours of almost every retail location in Canada. No more getting to the liquor store one minute late.

TweetDeck 2.0: A Rebuilt Twitter ExperienceTweetDeck 2.0: A Rebuilt Twitter Experience

TweetDeck has always been a popular choice among tweeters who want to maximise their potential on the social network. It’s by far the most popular third-party client with a 19% market share in June 2009 and it’s an application I’ve personally used for a long time.

TweetDeck started out as an Adobe Air application for desktop, but expanded into the mobile and tablet arena some twelve months later with an iPhone version. Now, nearly two years later, the iPhone experience has been completely overhauled and rebuilt with several new features alongside a brand new user interface. This changes everything. Again.

Labelbox: Beautiful Photo LabelingLabelbox: Beautiful Photo Labeling

Photo labeling may not be something you are normally familiar with and to be honest I was the same until I found Labelbox. A fairly new iOS application by Stepcase. Labelbox has been taking the App Store by storm recently, being downloaded over a million times in less than a month.

Labelbox makes labeling photos exceptionally easy in an aesthetically pleasing way, and with great end results. Photo labeling may not be your thing, but have a go at this and see if it changes your mind, it did mine!


Wunderlist HD: Your Tasks in the CloudWunderlist HD: Your Tasks in the Cloud

As long as there have been things that humans needed to do, we’ve been keeping up with them one way or another. From scratches on the walls of caves, to strings on our fingers, or pads of paper, we’ve always managed to find a new way to keep ourselves on track.

The problem hasn’t gotten any better, either. Today, we’re bombarded with hundreds of things we need to do. The good thing is that the iPad, your latest gadget, is great for keeping up with your tasks.

The problem isn’t finding a todo list app; the problem is finding the right one for you. There are dozens of high quality todo list apps on the App Store today, and many of them are beautifully designed and offer unique features to help you keep up with what you need to do.

One of the newest todo list apps for iPad, Wunderlist HD, is an exciting multiplatform task management app that has become extremely popular since its release. Keep reading to see what this free todo list app offers and how it can make you more productive on your iPad.

HootSuite: All Your Socializing in One PlaceHootSuite: All Your Socializing in One Place

It seems like there’s no shortage of social networks nowadays, with new ones popping up every minute. Maybe you have something important to say and you want to post it across multiple platforms, or maybe you’re a business owner who wants to manage and get statistics for their links. For those people, and those who just want to control their social lives a bit better, there’s HootSuite.

HootSuite takes all of your social networking sites and bundles them up in one simple location, then it allows you to manage your input and output to those sites, easily and quickly. It’s available for both the iPad and the iPhone, but the iPad is where the app really shines, with the larger screen and cleaner layout.

But you want to learn more, right? Of course you do. Just hit that little (more …) button down there and let’s discover what’s going on with HootSuite.

Remember Everything With SpringpadRemember Everything With Springpad

In the post PC and smartphone era, it’s imperative that all our bookmarks and online references come with us wherever we go. Often, most of us might find a database of plain old links to be of very little help. Some context or description about the link we have saved will go a long way and save us a lot of time.

Sure, a lot of apps allow us to add a short description to our bookmarks, but in the Web 2.0 era, it’s not a step forward in the right direction.

Springpad is a personal digital organizer that helps you remember stuff. It’s more than your average bookmarking app. In addition to saving a link, the app extracts data from the page you are saving and enhances it further with useful links.

TED: Ideas Worth SpreadingTED: Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is the Technology, Entertainment and Design set of conferences that covers various topics and consists of many addresses by powerful, and interesting, persons including the likes of Bill Clinton, Larry Page, Will Wright and Jamie Oliver.

TED was founded as a one-off event in 1984 and then as an annual event from 1990 – but costly and invitation-only. Some sixteen years later, it became an online service with talks available for free via a dedicated website, iTunes and, in late 2009, an iOS application. In the talks themselves, speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in engaging ways.

TED‘s dedicated iPad application joined the iPhone app to deliver the same videos available through on a familiar media consumption platform, the iPad. Unlike a web application or something generic like the YouTube app, the official TED application offers an experience that’s tailored to its content and the conference itself.


Simple Image Manipulation with Little PhotoSimple Image Manipulation with Little Photo

You’re Android handset comes with a built-in camera application that is fine for taking the odd shot. I’m not sure whether this is specific to my HTC Sense phone, but my stock camera app has options to change photo saturation, brightness, and other variables. There’s also the option to add some very basic filters like sepia and negative. This is a nice set of features that my iPad 2 (and, presumably, an iPhone) doesn’t have and, especially if your phone has a nice five or eight megapixel shooter on it, can be helpful in taking some valuable shots you can look back on.

Evernote: Remember EverythingEvernote: Remember Everything

Self identified as an “external brain”, Evernote aims to capture and organize all types of data and make it searchable from multiple platforms. Use cases have ranged from taking notes for research for writing a book, planning events and even taking notes for class. Evernote is avaliable on every major smartphone platform, on PC and Mac, and even as a web client, making all of your data accessible and searchable from anywhere.

Evernote stores text, images, voice, entire web pages or nearly any other file type as a note, and organizes them in Notebooks the user creates. Each note can then have tags associated for deeper organization, and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software even text in images are searchable. It’s also a “Freemium” service, meaning there is a free version and a $5/month premium version. The free account allows up to 60 MB of data per month while the premium can upload up to 1 GB and has more bells and whistles.

Evernote recently released Version 3.0 of the Android client. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Zeam Launcher: A Minimalist Home ScreenZeam Launcher: A Minimalist Home Screen

You may well be thinking, “Oh not another launcher…”, and I can’t blame you. You would think that the launcher niche has been filled up; Alex Pascal reviewed six here alone. That sounds like enough, but another one gets created every now and then. I must ask you to forego any predictions you may have about Zeam being just another replica of a simple launcher with some eyecandy chucked in, because it most definitely isn’t. As a matter of fact it distinctly lacks the latter, which is what separates it from other third party launchers.

Swim the Web with Dolphin BrowserSwim the Web with Dolphin Browser

There may be tens of thousands of native apps that offer awesome user interfaces and functionality, but none of them can match the experience of browsing the Internet without any restrictions. The number of browsers available for download in the Android Market is huge, with new ones launching frequently.

Each browser is unique, and pushes the limits of mobile browsing, taking it closer to the desktop counterparts. Dolphin is one of the notable browsers that is leading the mobile Internet revolution from the forefront.

Reverstris: Tetris, BackwardsReverstris: Tetris, Backwards

You’re probably familiar with the retro game of Tetris. The 1984 puzzle game features seven tetrominoes, with the aim being to fit them together and eliminate complete lines. If you let the tetrominoes hit the top of the screen, the game’s over.

Reverstris is literally Tetris in reverse. Rather than letting the tetrominoes fall from the top to form lines, you remove shapes by drawing them onto the blocks. It’s a fun twist on the popular game and an entertaining time waster.

MobileGo: Manage Your Android Phone From Your Windows PCMobileGo: Manage Your Android Phone From Your Windows PC

MobileGo is a fantastic application by Wondershare, designed to interact with many aspects of your Android phone. The big difference to other applications for Android is that it doesn’t run on your phone — it runs on your Windows computer and offers up several tools, all of them beneficial and enhancing. In this review I will be explaining and critiquing these features.

Manage Your Contacts with KomodoManage Your Contacts with Komodo

One of the best things about Android is that you can replace any stock function on the device. Don’t like the dialer? Get a new one! Prefer a different text interface? No problem! Looking for more bang for your buck when it comes to contact management? Find a new one! It’s for this reason that we get cool apps like Komodo Contacts, which adds some extra functionality to our contact manager.

File Expert: A File Manager with Enhanced Network SharingFile Expert: A File Manager with Enhanced Network Sharing

At its core, FileExpert is nothing more than a file manager for Android. However it bears some distinct and useful features which I explore in this review. The stated aims of FileExpert are to be a free file manager that gives its users valuable and useful extensions. It most certainly does.

As you would expect, basic file manipulation methods are all fully supported. You tap and hold a file or folder in the list pane to bring up a multiple choice window. Selecting ‘File Operations’ then lists all the basic ones such as cut, copy, paste, rename etc.

Performing these operations on multiple files at once is permitted; selecting in batches is achieved by ticking multiple files or folders, then pressing Menu > Batch. This brings up the ‘File Operations’ menu again, where you can move or rename files, and even play a selection of music, through the batch method.

Friday: A Comprehensive Personal Analytics ToolFriday: A Comprehensive Personal Analytics Tool

Ever wondered how much your phone knows about you? How many calls you’ve ever made or received? How many text messages, e-mails? What time of the day do you use the phone most? Or when you miss calls most often? Whom do you call most? In which locations you prefer to take pictures, or to listen to music?

Now that I’m asking these questions, it does seem logical that your phone should be able to provide all these answers, doesn’t it? Well, about time your ‘smart’phone really lived up to its name. Enter Friday, a personal analysis and statistics application for your Android phone.


How to Launch Applications in Style With LaunchyHow to Launch Applications in Style With Launchy

As a power Windows user, I’m constantly on the look out for applications that can boost my productivity. If you monitor your daily workflow, you’ll quickly notice that there are certain features that help you immensely in this aspect — the ability to quickly launch applications is one of them.

Today, I’d like to present a nifty little app that goes a long way towards making your entire Windows experience smooth and intuitive. It’s called Launchy, and I think you’re going to love it!


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