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Digital Advertising Media (Indoor Billboards) is the only Digital Signage company in the WORLD that connects our communities together, across the nation on a grass roots level. We also create jobs in advertising for those local communities in the process. Indoor Billboards gives 98% of the profits from Digital Ad sales to the community and sponsoring locations of our digital screens.

The organizations involved in sponsoring our Electronic Billboard systems include various clubs, local governing bodies, disability groups, police, health and local authorities, universities and colleges.  They are connecting networks across the US and now moving abroad to other countries.

Mission Statement

We create, develop and promote local advertisement for small businesses and individuals at the low price of $25 a month per location and give back 98% of the profits to partners that participate in building this community based ad network”

Sponsorship Opportunity – $750.00 Annual Sponsorship

By sponsoring a Digital Billboard System at the low annual cost of $750.00 per location, your company will secure on-going exposure worth in excess of $5000 throughout the USA.

All sponsorships are handled and maintained by Why Not Advertise a partner company of Indoor Billboards. You can visit the Why Not Advertise site at www.whynotadvertise.com.

Any sponsorship WNA secures, will increase the network range and reach of our digital advertising network by placing systems in the local communities where everyday people congregate.

Your company will help us provide new Digital Advertising Systems across the country and produce a single channel of grass root communications for PSA’s, Amber Alerts, Weather Alerts and local ads from the community at large at a price that anyone can afford.

Full benefits below.

Option 1. (a)System placed at your location 

Access to place menu items, specials and events

Your Company Advertisement in 3 Remote non-compete locations

  Option 2. (b)System placed at a remote location

• Your company will get 3 FREE billboard advertisements on each system you sponsor for one year.
• Each System will have your Company Name displayed at all times.
• Your billboard ad will be shown at least 8 times per hours
• You will receive a Donation Tax Receipt if it applies to a Nonprofit Location.
Other Benefits –

  •  Your business will be listed on the Main website in the Community Partner/Sponsor area with contact information and links to your own website.
  •  You will assist in providing an advertising job for one new salesperson for each system you sponsor.
  •  You will be providing an ongoing income source for the location that houses the system as well as the sales person assigned to manage it.
  •  Your funding will assist in extending a network of electronic billboards designed to provide unreachable-demographic communities, information that is not controlled by     corporate America or large media organizations.
  •  Sponsoring Mini Billboards will enhance your company’s reputation throughout the local communities and across the nation.
  •  RSS Feeds of digital ads across the social internet sites – mass media marketing is provided at no additional costs

Basic Sponsorship pays for: