Volkswagen’s Tiny Car Comes With Glove-Box Book About Tiny Roads

Auto dealers long ago mastered the art of putting the squeeze on consumers, but DDB London cleverly tightens the vise in a campaign introducing Volkswagen's Up! small car to the U.K. As a special treat for Up! drivers, the agency produced "The Narrow Roads of Britain," a handsomely illustrated glove-box-size book that highlights 18 of the thinnest thoroughfares in Britain, from urban tunnels to country lanes—perfect for the Up! to slip through. GPS coordinates appear on each page, along with photos by Harry Cory Wright. VW is wise to try something a little different to build buzz for the vehicle, though a few of these excursions look a tad harrowing—in a door-scraping, OMG-another-car-is-heading-right-for-us! sort of way. Some buyers might opt for smarter alternatives. More images after the jump. Via The Inspiration Room.

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