ZeroBundle 2 is released!

And here’s our new ZeroBundle! This is our second ZeroBundle, and this time we put the focus on icons! Everyone loves icons and this massive bundle includes hundreds of exclusive and amazing icons from great designers.

Thanks to these wonderful designers for their contribution: Umar Irshad, Pink Moustache, Launched Pixels, Larsson Patrik, Kamil Khadeyev, IconDeposit, Von Glitschka, FreshPixels, Asif Aleem, FanExtra, Matthew Skiles, Jamie Peak, Dave McNally, Alessio Atseni, Valery Zanimanski and Nicholas Craig.

If you still don’t know why it’s called ZeroBundle, its because it’s 100% free, with ‘zero’ cost to you. The bundle is brought by WebdesignerDepot and where you can find the best deals for web professionals.

The bundle will remain active for only 30 days, so download yours today so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity for accessing hundreds of beautiful icons. All icons can be used for personal and commercial uses but cannot be redistributed. (Downloading the bundle requires a free subscription to our newsletters)

Check out some of the icon previews below… Enjoy!

Download all these icons and hundreds more for FREE at! (limited time only!)

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